Innovation has solid roots

Since 1963 Simionato develops and produces linear weighers and multihead weighers combined with vertical packaging machines.
Simionato’s strategy to increase the LINE EFFICIENCY is founded on three main pillars:

  • INTEGRATION of the whole line from the weigher to the bagger through Simionato’s technology;

  • FLEXIBILITY to produce different bag shapes with the same configuration having a choice of 20 versions of weighers, 9 of packaging machines and over 50 accessories;

  • HIGH SPECIALIZATION on the treatment of most critical products in food sector: fragile, sticky and frozen.

An evolution in continuous growth

In 1988 Simionato, presented the new radial combination weigher (RCW). It was immediately recognized as the European leader in technology for its high quality, speed, weight precision and reliability. The combined offer of weighing systems together with vertical packaging machines, confirms Simionato’s unique selling proposition. The main growth pillar is the constant innovation in new packaging solutions strategy, supported by continuous investments in research and development.


The packaging machines LOGIC are available in nine different versions in the series "classic" and "brushless" and have more than 50 different accessories and settings. This flexibility together with 20 configurations of the weighing machines, underlines the expertise with a high specialization in many product sectors.


  • 1979: establishment of Simionato Srl and production of the first industrial packaging machine
  • 1980: first wigher with proprietary electroonic control developed in Simionato
  • 1986: Simionato Srl grow up and becomes Simionato S.p.A.
  • 1988: first radial weigher with electronic control for high productivity
  • 1990: first high speed packaging machine with Sincrel control
  • 1999: patent for first inclined packaging machine for fragile products
  • 2002: new generation of vertical packaging machines: Logic
  • 2005: new generation of multihead weigher: RCW.